A Better Life Ahead


Mental and Emotional well being has become more important to our living healthy and fruitful lives than ever before in history. As we navigate our complex, stress inducing and busy lives how do we keep from falling into the often debilitating pitfalls of depression, anxiety, and mental health dis-ease? Thriving Lives Counseling is a practice of mindful awareness of the narratives of our lives. Through a collaborative and individualized therapeutic plan; our journey will be one of understanding, redefining and reconstructing your life within the realities of your past and present; giving new meanings and definitions to your preferred future.

I invite you to contact me for a free consultation for more insight into how I can be helpful to your life and well being.


Paul-Bowie Hahn, LMFT #112411

Our Services Include:

*An initial no charge consultation to decide the best course for your therapy.

*Assessment of complete needs for the optimal therapeutic modality.

*Professional discreet and individualized mental health plan.

*Referrals to other health professionals to compliment and enhance your wellness plan.

*Relational integration of mental health services with family, friends and community services.